A cold January night.

Good evening, it’s a cold Sunday night here in the Yukon and the kids are down for the night.  I’m trying to practice writing more, since I make a lot of my income by writing, I best keep it up.  I am currently writing a screenplay based on a treatment I wrote in Toronto a few years ago at a Telefilm screenwriting workshop.  I’ve been busy raising my family and keeping the wolves from the door and I didn’t make any time to write.  So here I am.  I figure if I get used to writing this blog on a daily basis, I’ll eventually start writing daily on other projects.  

We, my wife Jennifer and I, along with another film maker, Max Frazer of Whitehorse, recently submitted a development proposal to APTN for a show called Yukon Folks with Dennis Allen.  It would be a half hour variety type show where we would find one interesting aboriginal Yukoner who would basically show me their worlds.  People like 95 year old Alex Van Bibber who’s still trapping up a storm out in Champane Yukon.  Alex was a big game guide in his day and one of his returning clients was Al Capone.  It wasn’t till years later that Alex found out who Al Capone was.  “He was a heck of a guy, a good shot too” is what Alex recalls.  Renowned artist and musician Dennis Shorty is another great storyteller.  He’s got an outpost camp a few miles from him hometown of Ross River Yukon and he invited me to bring my crew out there and he would teach on camera how to make a moose caller from a coffee can.  In the show I would play music with my guest and Dennis Shorty would be the first on my list.

There certainly is a lot of attention being given to the Idle No More Movement.  People ask me what I think about it, and frankly, I have no fight with anyone.  I live my life and do the best I can for my family.  I’ve been doing my part over the years to bridge the gap between Aboriginal people and the rest of Canada so I don’t need to be bringing undue attention on myself.

I play in a band called The Hellhounds.  We’re Whitehorse’s bare knuckle blues band.  My band is Bob Hamilton and Ed White and a succession of bass players.  Both Bob and Ed pack a juno each so they’re pretty good company.  They dig what’s called a pocket, or a groove, for me to sing in, and it all feels and sounds very natural.  I don’t know when we’ll gig again as I’m not a full time musician, yet,  perhaps when I retire.

Speaking of work, I am leading a film making workshop for youth at the end of the month here in Whitehorse.  The course is being sponsored by Naomi Crey at the Northern Cultural and Expression Society, an organization dedicated to helping youth at risk through artistic expression.

My battery is showing less than twenty percent so I better go plug it in.  I want to bang off a few more pages of my script tonight as well.  Good night and sleep well.




About inuvik61

Filmmaker, apprentice bluesman. columnist, father, husband, master, and champion to all those who missed their boats.
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